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General Information for GPs.

Earbox Audiology provides prompt service and concise reports, which make clear recommendations. The referring GP will ALWAYS receive a copy of their referee’s results within 7 days of the assessment. We also aim to provide a family-friendly service by offering free parking, Saturday and after-school appointments and competitively priced hearing assessments ($80). We specialise in paediatric testing but also welcome adult clients who are concerned about their hearing and/or middle ear health.

When to refer a child for an audiology assessment:

  • If parent/caregiver is concerned about hearing;
  • If parent/caregiver is concerned about speech and language development;
  • Any child who has failed a school hearing screening (even if tympanic membranes look normal as this may indicate hearing loss is permanent rather than conductive). A comprehensive audiology assessment can help determine whether ENT referral is necessary.
  • If there are concerns regarding general development e.g. Autism, Global Developmental Delay;
  • Recurrent ear infections;
  • Prior to referring to an ENT for ear infections/hearing/speech and language delay (audiology results will help the ENT determine aetiology and severity of hearing issues);
  • If child was born in a country with no newborn hearing screening and has never had a hearing test.

This list is by no means conclusive but covers common, presenting issues.

Other Useful Paediatric Audiology Information for GPs:

Babies born in WA will be given the opportunity to have their hearing screened at birth. 1-2 babies per 1000 will fail this screening and be referred to Perth Children’s Hospital and Australian Hearing for immediate diagnostic follow-up and amplification (hearing aids) where necessary;

Most children who pass the newborn hearing screening do not get another hearing check until they are in either kindergarten or preprimary. Yet hearing loss can develop at any time within this critical 4-5 year window of early childhood development (possibly from ear infections, ‘glue ear’, or as a result of other hearing loss risk factors);

The newborn hearing screening does not detect mild hearing losses.

Earbox welcomes and encourages all enquiries from GPs regarding audiology referral pathways for children.

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